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    Crystalline Glaze Pottery

         Crystalline glazes are specialty glazes that show visible and distinct crystal growth in the matrix of the fired glaze. Although most crystals are not this large, some can grow up to four or five inches across within the glaze matrix.


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    How to care for your Crystalline Pottery 

         Though Crystalline Glaze Pottery looks fragile and delicate it is actually quite sturdy, yet will still break if subjected to shock like any pottery or glass.


         Crystalline glazes, just by the nature of the required chemical formulation, are a bit softer than stoneware glazes.  The glaze is still hard and durable, but will scratch.  To maintain the beauty of the glaze never use abrasive cleaners, and do not use metal utensils in contact with the crystalline glaze.  My Crystalline pottery is not intended for cookware, with a few exceptions, but is safe in a microwave and for hot or cold food contact.  It is dishwasher safe as well.

    No warranty of guarantee is expressed or implied.  Use your own best judgement to determine if this piece is safe and suitable for your needs.

    We hope you enjoy having this piece in your home as much as we enjoyed making it for you


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